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California District Court Finds CAFA’s Amount-in-Controversy Requirement Satisfied and No Local Controversy Alleged; Denies Motion to Remand

The Southern District of California denied a plaintiff’s motion to remand a putative class action removed pursuant to the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA), where the plaintiff had alleged that the primary defendant’s product, Chobani yogurt, had become “the best-selling brand of Greek yogurt in the United States;” had annual revenues estimated at $1 billion in 2012; and had “collected tens of millions of dollars” in California alone (as the result of allegedly deceptive ... Keep Reading »

Internet Savvy Senior Lacks Standing to Bring Website Privacy Putative Class Claims Against AARP

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia recently dismissed a putative class action alleging that AARP violated its website privacy policy by allowing Facebook and Adobe to collect personal information about its users. The plaintiff alleged that AARP and its subsidiary AARP Services, Inc. (collectively, “AARP”), which advocate for individuals over the age of 50, breached their privacy policy by representing to users that certain third parties might ... Keep Reading »

Western District of Missouri Declines to Deliver Certification in Class Action Based on Alleged Newspaper Subscription Overcharges

The Western District of Missouri denied class certification in an action alleging three regional newspapers—the Kansas City Star, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and the Belleville News-Democrat—unlawfully double billed some of their subscribers by shortening the length of their subscriptions. The named plaintiffs, subscribers to the Kansas City Star only, alleged that without providing proper notice, the newspapers deducted additional charges for special or premium ... Keep Reading »

Rice Capades: Court Certifies a Class of Lead Lawyers Against Defendant Law Firms Who Allegedly Used the Class’s Work Product in Rice Litigation

The Eastern District of Missouri certified an unusual class of lawyers and their clients who undertook a collective effort to litigate claims against Bayer related to the purported “contamination” of the U.S. rice supply by Bayer’s genetically modified rice. The defendants are law firms that allegedly benefitted from the work performed by the class in state and federal cases against Bayer. Bayer’s introduction of genetically modified rice into the U.S. domestic rice ... Keep Reading »

Representative Action Under California’s Private Attorneys General Act Not Waived Through Employment Agreement’s Arbitration Provision

The Central District of California held that a waiver of representative actions in an employment agreement’s arbitration provision did not preclude a former employee from pursuing in court a claim under California’s Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA).  The court further held that the PAGA claim could only be brought in court and not in arbitration.  The plaintiff asserted, on behalf of a putative class, several claims against his former employer for the alleged ... Keep Reading »

Nevada Federal District Court Follows National Trend, Dismisses Data Breach Class Action for Lack of Standing

In granting a motion to dismiss a data breach putative class action lawsuit, the District of Nevada joined the majority of federal district courts in holding that plaintiffs whose personal information was stolen lack Article III standing to sue in federal court. The case derived from a 2012 breach of Zappos.com, Inc.’s servers in which hackers stole 24 million customers' personal information. Zappos moved to dismiss the case for lack of standing because, it alleged, ... Keep Reading »

CAFA Local Controversy Exception Established Through Sampling and Statistics

An Illinois federal district court recently credited sampling data as evidence sufficient to establish the citizenship of putative class members for purposes of invoking the local controversy exception to CAFA jurisdiction. Plaintiffs filed a putative class action lawsuit in Illinois state court alleging that their property is being contaminated by silt particles released from defendants’ steel mill facility in Granite City, Illinois. They asserted common law claims ... Keep Reading »

“Game Over”: Aliens vs. Consumer Class Action

Two video game enthusiasts brought a consumer class action suit against Sega of America, Inc. ("Sega") and Gearbox Software, LLC ("Gearbox") for their alleged disappointment in the quality of the video game "Aliens: Colonial Marines"("ACM").  ACM was marketed as "the canon sequel" to the film Aliens, the 1986 classic blockbuster in which Bill Paxton's character famously exclaimed "Game over, man, now what are we supposed to do?" after the dropship meant to rescue the ... Keep Reading »

Does Rule 23(e) Require that Settlement Class Members Receive Notice of Modification to Cy Pres Remedy?

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia recently held that a modification to a settlement agreement was not subject to the procedural protections of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(e) because it would not "materially hinder" the legal rights of class members. The settlement agreement at issue, entered into between Native American ranchers and farmers and the United States Department of Agriculture, required that the money remaining after the ... Keep Reading »

Class Action Plaintiffs’ Failure to Appear at Deposition Deemed Not Prejudicial Enough for Dismissal

In a class action brought against Amtrak, two plaintiffs, Guerra and Whitesides, both of whom had submitted declarations in support of plaintiffs' motion for class certification, failed to appear at their scheduled depositions. Defendants sought an award of costs and fees and, in addition, the dismissal with prejudice of the legal claims of Guerra and Whitesides, arguing that only a dismissal would remedy the misconduct and prevent plaintiffs' counsel from picking and ... Keep Reading »